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The LIZ platform is the toolbox for your smart office. Combine features, integrations and sensors as you like.



Desk-sharing is closely related to a future-proof office environment. With the booking software, your employees can flexibly book workstations, areas and meeting rooms.

Available for Android and iOS

The LIZ BOOKER is available for download as an Android and iOS version in the App Store. Alternatively, employees can also use the software via their browser – its up to you.

Book Same Room

With the book-same-room function, workspaces can be booked in the immediate vicinity of project participants and colleagues. This new freedom is motivating.

Calendar integrations

Every LIZ BOOKER user can link their own calendar to the app. This creates an overview when choosing work locations and meeting rooms.


Places can easily be saved as favourites, making them even easier to book.

Company Branding

The LIZ BOOKER app can be adapted to your company branding. Colours, logo, floor plans and office images characterise the app and turn it into a digital office for you and your employees.

Check-In & Check-Out

A great feature, not only in pandemic times. A manual check-in and check-out is versatile and boosts transparency and your ability to overview the daily traffic in your office.

Privacy Settings

Each staff member can set his or her individual privacy settings. Nobody is forced to display anything in the app.

Utilisation display

In the LIZ BOOKER, employees can view the workload of the office or an individual area.


Each employee can choose his or her individual language in the LIZ BOOKER app. The software is currently available in German, English, French and Italian.

Quick booking function

With the quick booking function, you can plan an entire calendar week in no time at all.

Booking Overview

The personal booking overview shows you your past and future workplace and meeting room bookings.


The LIZ colleague system creates unprecedented transparency for all employees. Via the colleague system, neighbouring places can be booked by project participants or favourite colleagues. It also helps to find the right communication channel at any time.


It takes a lot to make an office sustainable and future-proof. The management tool analyses your flex-office and helps you optimise it.

Digital Twin

In LIZ WORKSPACE MANAGER you can create a digital twin of your office with just a few clicks.

Dashboards & Heatmaps

See all data in attractive dashboards and meaningful heatmaps. Whether booking data, occupancy data or other sensor data such as temperature and volume.

Fixed Desks

Some employees need and still want a fixed workplace. No problem, with LIZ WORKSPACE MANAGER you can assign permanent places to employees and remove them from the booking options.

Equipment Management

Display equipment features for workspaces and meeting rooms. This way, you make sure that everyone books the perfectly equipped workspace.


Users can report problems such as missing material or damaged furniture to the appropriate office via a ticket system.

Management Tool
Rights & Role-System

Assign rights and roles according to your own ideas or use the predefined roles of the LIZ platform.

Office Utilization Management

Control the occupancy of areas, floors or entire buildings. This feature is part of our Safe-Office solutions. With the click of a button, you can control the workload limits in your office. This is especially useful during a pandemic to get staff back into the office.

Priority Booking & Homezones

Define home zones for departments and give them priority booking rights. This way, departments keep a home in the flexible working world.


The integration of your floor plan gives you access to heat maps and interactive views. This gives you an overview of the booking situation, occupancy and utilisation and much more.

Up to Date

Our software ensures that all bookings and appointments are linked synchronously with your systems in Microsoft 365 and Google Calendar.

Single Sign On

With the Single Sign On, you are always on the safe side. Use your company-wide account for the LIZ BOOKER and LIZ WORKSPACE MANAGER as well.

Social Distancing

Block individual tables or entire areas to ensure the minimum distance as best as possible. Our sensors show you blocked and available spaces at the workplace via LED.

  • Create long-term added value
  • Improved analysis and reporting
  • 100% DSGVO-compliant

Upgrade anytime
with LIZ sensors

To make your Flex-Office even more future-proof, you can upgrade with sensors at any time. Our sensors are compatible with each other and provide new and more accurate measurement data. The analysis of space utilisation becomes much more effective than before.

LIZ Sensoren

We are here for you

A future-proof office is not created overnight. That’s why our experienced customer support team is there to answer all your questions about setting up the booking software and the management tool. With our sophisticated onboarding strategy, we accompany each customer individually during the introduction of desk-sharing and realise the vision of a future-proof flex- office. We put ourselves in your shoes and implement your wishes together with you in the shortest possible time.

LIZ Customer Service