Added value for the entire company

Through our solution, we offer added value for managers and employees. We facilitate the organisation of the office and at the same time offer more flexibility in the daily work routine.

  • LIZ enables you to More satisfaction for all employees
  • LIZ enables you to Protect your employees' health
  • LIZ enables you to More flexibility and increasing productivity

What is
hybrid work?

In hybrid work models consisting of remote work, home office and office, each employee no longer needs his or her own assigned workspace. The introduction of booking software is essential here. This way you avoid the danger of not having enough workstations available and the workload in the office can be managed successfully.

We are here for you

A future-proof office is not created overnight. That’s why our experienced customer support team is there to answer all your questions about setting up the booking software and the management tool. With our sophisticated onboarding strategy, we accompany each customer individually during the introduction of desk-sharing and realise the vision of a future-proof flex- office. We put ourselves in your shoes and implement your wishes together with you in the shortest possible time.

LIZ Customer Service