LIZ Workspace Manager
Your Management Tool

In addition to the booking software, the management tool is the perfect complement and evaluates the data obtained in detailed reports.

Workspace Manager
  • Adjust your settings at any time
  • User-friendly interface

Your Flex-Office
in only 4 steps

Every business is different, which is why our software can be customised to your business needs and requirements! Our user-friendly and intuitive interface makes setup easy. Step by step, we guide you through the setup process of your new management tool. Learn more about your office’s space utilisation and optimise it in no time.

Get started in no time
  • Analyse space utilization
  • Ticket system
  • Maintain home zones and booking rights

intuitive design

The intuitive design of the LIZ BOOKER and LIZ WORKSPACE MANAGER offers managers and employees the opportunity for more freedom and flexibility in their workspace. The various dashboards of the management tool present measured data in a structured and clear way. These show you important information and enable you to optimise your office for the future.

Vergleiche Sensorwerte miteinander
  • Various dashboards and meaningful statistics
  • Booking behaviour and home office usage
  • Personalised filter options for even more information

Optimize space utilization

By combining booking software and sensor technology, you are able to collect even more and more precise data about the use of your office. Learn more about the daily comings and goings in your office and keep an overview. Optimise your office and its space utilisation through data-based decisions.

Feature – Overview

We summarized the features for you, take a look.


By recording the heat map, your office workload is visualised in the form of a coloured representation.

Booking Overview

Real-time data of the current booking situation provides you with forecasts for the coming week, but you can also differentiate between home office and office bookings.

Multiple Dashboards

You can find what you are looking for by linking different sensor values. In the management tool you can combine different graphs and get informative evaluations about the correlation of individual factors in your office.

Digital Twin

You can create a digital clone of your office using the modular principle.
Regardless of whether a move or construction work is imminent, our software adapts to the changes in no time at all.

Roles & Right System

Your game, your rules!
In the management tool, you can use predefined settings or freely design them according to your own ideas.