Introducing Flex-Office
with LIZ

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Cooperating on a new level

LIZ FLEX OFFICE does not only promote the exchange between departments and supports agile working methods and interdisciplinary teams, but also increases collaboration and creativity.

Space efficiency
Transparency and new spaces

LIZ FLEX OFFICE allows you to easily record the actual space usage and scale up or down as you wish.

Comfortable with more distance

LIZ FLEX OFFICE helps you to limit the number of workstations that can be occupied in order to guarantee sufficient distancing and helps you to meet the statutory obligations of the current occupational safety guidelines with one click.

With the dashboard,
gives you a compleate overview

With the booking software, your employees can choose their workplace independently.

This is how it works!

The LIZ DESK SENSOR, the perfect partner to create an office that focuses on the security and comfort of your employees. In combination with the booking system
LTX FINDER the table sensor offers unique added value
for all employees and the entire company.

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