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The LIZ DESK SENSOR promises accurate attendance measurement with colour indicators to show employees if a workstation is available. In combination with the Desk Sensor, the LTX FINDER booking system offers a transparent booking process that provides more security and comfort in your office.


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Book your workplace

With the LIZ Finder App, employees can quickly and intuitively book a seat in the office, whether in a free-seat area, a shared desk zone or a whole meeting room.

Your employees can also specify home office and let their employers know if they are in the office today.

Calendar Integration

Decide in advance from where you want to work in the coming months. By linking with G-Suite and / or Office 365, colleagues can synchronize their calendars without any problems.


Work Community

With LIZ Booker 2.0 you can see if your colleagues are in the office today. This feature can be set personally to ensure the privacy of the employees.



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