Managing a modern workplace can be a challenge, but LIZ’s Hybrid Working Software is here to help. Our tool acts as a command centre, collecting and delivering detailed reports on the real-time usage of your office building. This helps you make informed decisions about your office space and administration.

But LIZ’s Hybrid Work Software does more than just provide data. It also simplifies the integration of hybrid work by allowing you to designate the roles and rights of employees and manage bookable resources such as desks, meeting rooms, and parking spaces.

Make the transition to hybrid work smooth and efficient with LIZ’s Hybrid Work Software. Trust us to provide the tools you need to succeed in today’s dynamic work environment. Try it out today and see the difference it can make for your team.

Hybrid Work Software
  • DESK SHARING Adjust your settings at any time
  • DESK SHARING User-friendly interface


At LIZ, we understand that every business is unique and has its own specific needs and requirements. That’s why our software is fully customizable to fit your business. From pet-friendly office features to integration with existing tools and catering options for meeting rooms, we always prioritize the needs of our users.

But customization isn’t the only benefit of our software. We also offer a user-friendly, intuitive interface that makes setup a breeze. Our step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of setting up your new management tool.

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions and hello to a software tailored to your business. Try LIZ today and experience the difference it can make.

4 Steps of LIZ
  • DESK SHARING Analyse space utilization
  • DESK SHARING Ticket system
  • DESK SHARING Maintain home zones and booking rights


Optimizing your workspace for maximum efficiency and productivity is crucial for the success of any business. That’s where LIZ BOOKER and LIZ WORKSPACE MANAGER come in. Our intuitive design offers managers and employees greater freedom and flexibility in their workspace, while our various dashboards present measured data in a structured and transparent way, giving you essential information to optimize your office for the future.

But that’s not all. By combining our BOOKING SOFTWARE and SENSOR technology, you can collect even more precise data on the use of your office. This helps you keep track of your office’s daily activity and make informed decisions about space utilization.

Take control of your workspace with LIZ. Our management tools are designed to help you succeed. Try them out today and see the positive impact they can have on your business.

Hybrid Work Software
  • DESK SHARING Various dashboards and meaningful statistics
  • DESK SHARING Booking behaviour and home office usage
  • DESK SHARING Personalised filter options for even more information


You know how important it is for your team to have the convenience and flexibility to schedule their work in a way that works best for them. That’s where LIZ’s BOOKING SOFTWARE comes in. Our software not only allows employees to schedule their work at their own convenience, but it also helps you synchronize office management with employee autonomy by administering the availability of your office.

For instance, if social distancing is a concern, you can easily block off desks in between. Or, if you want to prioritize energy efficiency, you can block off floors or less popular hours in the building.

Experience the convenience and flexibility of LIZ’s BOOKING SOFTWARE. Trust us to provide the tools you need to succeed in today’s dynamic work environment. Try it out today and see the positive impact it can have on your team.

LIZ Software


Here you have summirised some of our features for you!

Booking Overview

Real-time data of the current booking situation provides you with forecasts for the coming week, but you can also differentiate between home office and office bookings.

Multiple Dashboards

You can find what you are looking for by linking different sensor values. In the management tool you can combine different graphs and get informative evaluations about the correlation of individual factors in your office.

Digital Twin

You can create a digital clone of your office using the modular principle.

Regardless of whether a move or construction work is imminent, our software adapts to the changes in no time at all.

Roles & Right System

Your game, your rules! In the management tool, you can use predefined settings or freely design them according to your own ideas.

Hybrid Work Software