Experience the new way of office organisation and collaboration with flex-office. Easily introduce desk-sharing concepts for employees via app. The management tool, LIZ WORKSPACE MANAGER, provides you and your team new insights into your office and is individually controllable and adjustable.

Creating the best version of your office
  • Flexible booking of workspaces, meeting rooms and open areas
  • See who works where and organise teamwork efficiently
  • Keep an eye on your meetings with calendar integration of Microsoft 365 and Google

the booking software for your Office

LIZ BOOKER is the booking software for you and your colleagues. Offer your employees the freedom and flexibility they need and create optimal working conditions. Flex-Office concepts enable ideal workspaces for every project, whether at home, next to colleagues or in a quiet area.

  • Setup
  • Management
  • Analyse

Your Management Tool

Which area in my office is the most popular, and how many employees are actually in the office during the week? LIZ WORKSPACE MANAGER helps you find answers to these questions and many more. By using the data of the booking software, the management tool generates detailed graphics and reports that assist you in your decision-making process.

  • Sensor technology for workspaces, meeting rooms and areas
  • For new constructed or retrofitting existing offices
  • Renowned manufacturers such as Waldmann and Steinel vouch for quality and development

Upgrade anytime
with LIZ sensors

Along with comfort, our sensors present you with various features for the usage of your flex-office. The sensors in combination with the booking software enable you to gather even more data, resulting in detailed reports which are clearly shown in the management tool. The sensors complement the usability of the booking software and enable even more detailed reporting in the management tool.

Zurück ins Office mit LIZ Back to office with LIZ

With our Safe Office features, a structured and safe return of your employees to the office is guaranteed. Adjust utilization and capacity throughout your entire office with a simple click on your mouse.

Safe-Office enables you to
  • Manage utilization
  • Create automated attendance lists
  • Guarantee social-distancing
Kollegensystem Your office community

Through increased transparency, the colleague system improves cooperation between colleagues. With the newly gained overview, you can organise your daily work more consciously.

With the Colleague-System you can
  • Book workspaces right next to your colleagues
  • Get a look at the work location and calendar availability of your colleagues
  • Set individual privacy settings

Why LIZ?

Zukunftssicheres Office

Our ambitious Berlin team continuously provides you with the most modern features and integrations of desk-sharing possibilities. Your flex-office always stays up to date.

Enger Austausch

The Customer-Success-Team constantly supports you and your team throughout set-up, maintenance and analysis processes. We make sure that your wishes end up on our roadmap.

Individuelle Lösungen für dein Office
Upgrade any time

Stay flexible with LIZ. Whether you want to implement further integrations and features for your flex-office or create a smarter work environment with state-of-the-art sensors, we realize your new work projects together.

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