Flex working with LIZ

Desk sharing has never been easier, with LIZ smart office solutions tool employees are able to book their workspace in a fast, simple and organised way. Having the ability to see available desks, free meeting rooms, the resources available in each workstation, free parking slots, colleagues’ current desks and more.
By introducing LIZ you will enjoy all the benefits that come with a desk sharing software plus detailed reporting of your building usage so you can make informed decisions when it comes to the organization and availability of your building.

Unsere App

  • LIZ enables you to Visualise your office with the floor plan
  • LIZ enables you to Integrate calendars from Microsoft or Google easily
  • LIZ enables you to Filter workplaces according to their equipment

Individually customisable booking software

Each user has their own profile, with their own favourites and settings, this is the only way desk-sharing is truly effective. Each department has its preferences, and this is also taken into account in the app. This means that the availability of workstations, meeting rooms or areas can be flexibly adjusted.

  • LIZ enables you to Switch flexibly between office and home office through half-day bookings
  • LIZ enables you to An overview of your colleagues, their contact information and availabilities
  • LIZ enables you to Manage your personal profile

enhances productivity

Improve your overview with the desk-sharing app!
Instead of running around the office looking for colleagues, the app directly shows you availability and location. Desk-sharing enables you to coordinate your work better. Colleagues are only a click away.

  • LIZ enables you to Manage office utilization
  • LIZ enables you to Automated and digital attendance lists
  • LIZ enables you to Guarantee social-distancing

Get your employees
back to the office

Allow your employees to safely return to the office. We have developed a number of special features and functions for the booking software. With those, you can facilitate social-distancing and still work on projects together in the office. The desk-sharing app is a future-proof solution for your office and will increase the wellbeing of your workforce.

  • LIZ enables you to Calendar integrations from Google & Microsoft
  • LIZ enables you to No new passwords & accounts
  • LIZ enables you to Synchronised diaries

No new passwords
use existing systems

The Desk Sharing app simplifies your daily work by integrating the calendars you use every day. You don’t have to remember new passwords, and your appointments synchronise themselves. In the future, tools like Slack & Microsoft Teams will also be connected via our software to simplify communication significantly.

We are focussing on you

We make the desk sharing culture effective. How do we do it? Each user has their individual profile, their own settings, their own calendar & booking history. They can choose which space adapts to their needs.
We take each department’s preferences into account as well. We will follow requirements to make an organized transition to a flexible office.

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We look after your data!

Our software is 100% DSGVO compliant!
All data is strictly encrypted on European servers.

DSGVO compliant
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