Booking meeting roomsmade easy

Save time and book meeting rooms including the necessary work equipment and other office resources via app. Make the most of your space with the room booking system from any device, at any time and from any location. LIZ offers you an adaptable and affordable meeting room booking system as a solution for the reservation of meeting rooms.

Meetingroom booking made easy
  • LIZ Features More efficient use of space
  • LIZ Features Fewer misunderstandings
  • LIZ Features Reduced number of no-shows

Flexible planning
of your meeting rooms

Avoid double bookings and coordinate multiple meeting rooms and resources through a single interface. The app provides staff with an overview of the current utilisation and availability of each meeting room. The management tool shows you booking statistics of your meeting rooms afterwards, so you can learn more about your office and its rush hours.

Meetingroom booking made easy