Back to Office with LIZ

Ensure social distancing, control office occupancy and increase transparency through automated attendance lists, with just one click! This is how you bring employees back into the office.

Social-Distancing im Office

Social-Distancing made easy

Your office, your rules!
You decide which areas, meeting rooms or workstations are available by blocking or releasing them. This is how you control the occupancy in the office.
Bring your employees back into the office and guarantee a healthy distance in the office.

Live overview of your office utilization

More transparency for everyone

The traffic light system in the LIZ BOOKER app allows your employees to see directly how busy an area, floor or room is. In this way, you prevent congested areas and ensure social-distancing in your office.
Check-in / check-out simplifies tracking in the event of an infection in the company.

Traffic Light System

office utilization

As soon as your employees are back in the office, you receive immediate and transparent information about the utilisation and occupancy in your office in the management tool. Here, workspaces, meeting rooms and free spaces can be viewed and monitored.

Use advanced filters to find all needed information
  • Removes 99 % of the aerosol particles in the room
  • Reliable and flexible
  • Complements the ventilation

Free the air from bacteria

Declare war on viruses with the light weapon in your office. The revolutionary UV-C air purifier ZAPP damages the genetic material of microorganisms thanks to ultra-short wavelengths of 254 nanometres, cell division is blocked and the microorganisms die. The room air is 99% sterilised from viruses and fungi, and the health of all employees is promoted.

Zapp it